December  07 >< Save the trails...

Rhysty and the Back Bone BMX crew have been digging trails at a secret spot in Canberra for a while now and it looks like the council has just found out... go here and sign the petition to help save the trails...

Superstar team rider in Ride UK

French Superstar rider Antony Lille has a complete interview in the latest Ride UK magazine (issue 110).

Superstar bolts and micro pegs

We have some interesting new bolts and micropegs from Superstar. These are all designed to work with 3 piece axle hubs like the simple eject front hub... There are replacement regular or flush mount bolts as well as micropegs to suit... Check the Superstar page for all the info.

New Superstar and StMartin shipment

We just received all the new products from Superstar. The Light My Fire and New Deal frames have been updated and there are more top tube length and colour options. The Pimp sprocket and Elect stems have also been updated and there's there's new colours there too. The new stem, called the Revolte looks great as does the new bash guard version of the Pimp sprocket and new U-Brake. Check the Superstar page for all the info.

All the new StMartin products just landed with the Superstar shipment. There's updated versions of the Simon O'Brien Happy Place frame as well as the new 08 ClassX frame. Parts wise the new crank called the Hollowflat looks super nice as do the new barends and a front U-Brake. Check the StMartin page for all the info. 

October 07 >< New Solid Bikes Shipment

Just received a new shipment of Solid stems and chainwheel's so all the colours are back in stock, we also have the chainwheel's in gold now as well... Also received an AA frame in 21" white... click here for more

New issue of 2020

Issue 26 of 2020bmxmagazine goes big with more pages than ever before and a massive WeThePeople pull out poster inside. Aside from the in-depth coverage and amazing photography of the Australian BMX scene, we profile some of the best up and coming riders from around the nation, take a look at the SA streets, run you through the art of wheel building and a whole lot more. Plus you can win a Haro Forum complete bike, a Sputnic Satellite frame and a pair of limited edition Rad issue Vans inside. 2020bmxmag is Australia's 20inch riders manual, proudly 100% rider owned and operated.

September 07 >< New 08 Mankind Bikes products just in...

All the new 08 products from Mankind Bikes, just came in. We have the new Asadi Phase 2 frame, in 3 sizes and 3 colours. This frame looks really good with some nice new features like a built in seat clamp and neat laser cut seat stay bridge. Also new on this shipment are the Archangel bars, new Archangel stem and seat clamp. Plus there's more stock of all the parts that have been selling well, the Respect sprocket, Kingdom stem, Archangel frame and forks and MK and Archangel seats... Check out all the Mankind products here.

New Proper Bikes products 

New products also just in from Proper Bike Co. This shipment has a bunch of new colours for the MagLite hubs, chainwheels and barends, all coming in white and purple plus the rims in white. Check out all the products here.

New 08 Simple Bikes products 

We have a stack of new products from Simple Bikes, including the unique Eject hub and stem, plus the System stem, seatclamp and new linear brake cable. As well as new colours with the Frontrow seats and Jetset bars now coming in black, grey and white. Click here for all the info


New Mankind clothing

We just receive a big box of Mankind Bikes T-Shirts and Zip Hoodies... there's 6 styles of tee in black, grey, white and green, in small, medium or large and zip hoods in black/grey in medium or large. Check the MK page for more

Proper bikes ads

Aussie Proper Bikes rider Luke Barling has been poping up in ad's in Ride UK and Dig mag, thanks to Gorak for the awesome photo...

Hell On Wheels

There's a new rider run BMX shop in Newtown, Sydney called Hell On Wheels, drop in and see Rob and Tom for all your BMX needs, lots of clothing and shoes too... You can get them on 02 9519 2312 or

Click to enlarge

August 07 >< Twenty Bikes 08 products

I got a sneak look at some of the Twenty Bikes parts and frames for 2008, this will all be in stock after Christmas... Check the Twenty website at for more info... Click to enlarge


Grounded DVD

The long-awaited Etnies Grounded DVD just came in and is available now through all good BMX shops or you can mail order a copy through 2020bmxmag. You know who's on the team so you know its gonna be good.

New King Kong shipment

  We just received a new shipment of King Kong gloves and pads as well as the new ankle guard... Check the King Kong page for more info...

July 07 >< New Proper hubs

Here's the lowdown on the new Proper hubs...

The Proper MagTi hubs have been really popular over the last couple of years but are no longer available. This is because the price of Titanium has recently doubled, making the cost of the material too expensive. The current MagLite hub has a similar design to the MagTi but uses a crmo axle and driver. The weight is a little more at 400g, but the hub is a lot cheaper than the MagTi was. In November 08 we will have the new version of the MagLite coming. This hub will have a ceramic driver bearing which will last a whole lot longer than the regular ball bearings (that almost all hubs use). This new hub will also be a stack lighter than either the MagLite or the old MagTi and with the ceramic bearing it will also be one of the toughest... The price too will be good at under $300 RRP, keep an eye on the website for more info and to find out when the new hubs are available.

Here's what Carlo from Proper has to say about the new hubs... "For a while now we have been working on new bearings for our cassette hubs... We are going to be using a self lubricating ceramic bearing that will never fail... For now we use cartridge bearings as everyone else does and they will only take a certain amount of abuse before they break... Riding has got out of hand now and its time for things to change... We will be introducing these in all our hubs towards the end of this year.. (First shipment is expected November 2008) The picture below is a hub we have been working on and testing for some time.."

New hubs and self lubricating bearing, click to enlarge.

June 07 >< 2020 Issue 25

Issue 25 of 2020 has Nathan Saunders on the cover with a lookback at Yarra Junction skatepark. Inside you will find New Zealand road trip stories from the Colony crew and Steve Morrisey, Colin Mackay takes FUEL TV on a tour of the Aus east coast and the Shitluck crew get dazed and confused on the road too. There are Norco and DiamondBack giveaways, a NZ PMP trails story, the lowdown on Kevlar tyres, plus all the regular news, info, products and rider profiles. This issue also steps up to a larger size so there's more space for all the Aus and NZ BMX coverage. On sale now.

We just received a new shipment of shiny Titanium spokes

More Titanium spokes and alloy nipples just came in. We have Natural (Ti silver colour), Rainbow, Blue, Purple and Gold and alloy nipples in black, red, purple, blue and green, in both regular 12mm and long 16mm.

The Ti spokes weight just 210g for 75 so that's under 3g per spoke.

Click here for more info


May 07 >< New Simple products

Simple have some cool new products coming soon, check the images for a look. The Eject hub looks really nice and will be on the next shipment which arrives in July, they will be available in black, white or grey in 36 hole, 3/8 axle only. There will also be 2 new stems and more Debut and Enigma frames coming at the same time. 

The new pedals will also be available later this year.

Here's a look at a prototype Eject hub built up... click to enlarge

Comps and jams

We are helping BMX Mad in Melbourne with some prizes for the Alexandria BMX comp on the 19th May and are also supporting Wynnum Cycles and the Lota skatepark comp in Brisbane on the 26th May, check for more info.

We are also helping StuJohn with his back to basics flatland jam... check the flyer for all the info.

Click to enlarge


Wow, we received our latest shipment of Superstar and StMartin products on Friday its now 11:30am Monday and all the Superstar frames have gone out. If you are looking for a Light My Fire or New Deal frame hit up your local shop FAST to see if they were lucky enough to grab one. Your best bet is gonna be to try Back Bone BMX in Canberra, Strictly BMX in Melbourne, CM BMX in Adelaide or Moree bicycles. These guys are about the only shops that MAY have any frames left...

We have already ordered our next shipment and will have the 08 LMF and Newdeal frames in September. There will be more options available in both frames, the LMF will come in 20.4, 20.8 or 21.2 in black, mate pearl grey or turquoise and the New Deal will come in 20.7, 21 or 21.4 in black, cream white or green clear coat. There will also be brakeless versions of both frames in the same lengths, black only.

Parts wise we have stock of the pimp chainwheel, elect stem and other parts as well as the new super strong 1/2 link. Click here for more


StMartin flatland

We just received a new shipment of the 2007 StMartin flatland products with more frames including Simon O'Brien's signature frame the Happy Place, as well as pegs and ecoflat cranks in black a nice red colour. Check all the stuff here.


April 07 >< New Proper shipment

The new proper shipment just came in so we have all the new products in stock.

The rims, hubs, barends and chainwheel's now come in brown as well as the other colours.

The Proclaimer bars now come in 4 sizes in black or white and the updated version of the Proclaimer frame now comes in 2 new colours, pearl red and pearl dark green.

Check it all out HERE.

Dragonfly Ti Pegs

I just went to order more Titanium pegs from Dragonfly and found out that their supplier just put the price of Ti through the roof (like $300 per peg). So the 20 pairs of Ti pegs left in stock will be the last I can get, if your after Ti pegs get your local bike shop to order them quick because after this 20 pairs, there will be no more...

Complete bike builds

I received a couple of cool photos of complete bikes built up with some of our parts over the last week, so I thought I would share them with everyone. Click the pics to enlarge...

This one belongs to Ryan from BMX MAD in Melbourne, its the new Simple Enigma frame with Proper rims and hubs. Go to or call the shop on 03 9762 5210 to get your own setup like this.
The second bike comes from The Pushbike Factory in Campbelltown, Sydney. Its the latest Mankind Archangel frame with Mankind seat clamp, chainwheel, seat and stem, plus Simple JetSet bars and Dragonfly Cosmo forks, looks like a nice setup. This ones for sale so check out The Pushbike Factory near Lumea skatepark, go to or call Matt at the shop on 02 4625 4537.

Thanks to Ryan and Matt for sending in the pics...

March 07 >< 2020 Issue 24

Issue 24 of 2020 has our first flatland cover with Simon O'Brien whip hopping on his new signature StMartin frame. This issue has coverage from the BMX Games in Sydney, X-Air in Wellington and the HMH Spinal Disorder comp from Beenleigh in Brisbane. We check out Cam White's back yard jam in Canberra as well as local jams from Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. There are two interviews with Melbourne’s Troy Jackson and Brisbane’s Raphael Williams and a look at Nick Gascoine's photography. There are two scene reports from Cairns and Launceston, we check out the massive skatepark at Reefton on the south island of NZ and take an inside look at new Aussie company Tempered Bikes. Plus there’s all the usual news and info from the Aussie and NZ BMX scene. On sale this week...

Superstar and StMartin shipment

Our next order of Superstar and StMartin frames and parts are on their way and will be landing around the end of April. The last shipment of Light My Fire and New Deal frames sold out in less than two weeks so get your orders in quick.

We will have the LMF in 20.4", 20.8” and 21.2” in light green or black and the New deal in 21" or 21.4" in light gold


Jays Jam

There's a jam at Shoalhaven skatepark on the 31st March to help out one of the local riders that's ill. Check the flyer for more info.

Click to enlarge

SOUL issue 30

We just received the new issue of Soul DVD mag. This issue has 89 minutes of footage from all over Europe including the Rebel Jam in Berlin, the BMX Masters in Cologne and scene reports from Munich and Sofia in Bulgaria. Once again Soul has packed so much footage into this DVD, check it out and see what’s happening in BMX outside of the USA…

Soul also has a new price of $16.50, that's almost half what it used to be and way cheaper than most other DVD's...

New Mankind shipment arrives...

We just received a new shipment of Mankind bikes frames and parts including the new seats, check out all the Mankind products here.

Check out the latest issue of Props for a Simple Bikes ad.

February 07 >< Back Bone BMX in Canberra have a new website, check it out at

X-Air road trip. Just got back from a trip to New Zealand for a south island road trip and the x-air comp. NZ rocks and the south island is so nice... click to enlarge

New Twenty Bikes shipment
All the new 07 Twenty Bikes products just arrived, we have the new Machine and French Kiss frames as well as forks, bars, seats and other products. Check the Twenty page for more...

New Simple bikes shipment

We just received all the new 07 Simple bikes stuff including the new 07 Debut and Enigma frames as well as bars, seats and chainwheel's, check the simple page for more.


Check the JetSet bars, similar style as Slams but almost 200g lighter...

New King hats

New King Kong hats, just in...

January 07 >< Happy new year!

BMX Games 2007 Jan 26th - 28th at Monster skatepark, Homebush 

The BMX games are back on at Monster over Australia day weekend. We will have a stand on Saturday at the games so you can check out all the new stuff. There will also be several shops there as well so you can buy anything you need. Check the BMX Games site for all the info 
2020 are also organising a party for the BMX Games, Friday night at the Lewisham Hotel in Sydney, all are welcome, look out for drink passes at the BMX Games...

Titanium and regular stainless steel spokes

We just received our first shipment of Stainless and Titanium spokes and alloy nipples. We have the stainless spokes in silver or black and Ti in Natural (Ti colour), Rainbow, Blue, Purple and Gold. Alloy nipples come in black, red, purple, blue and green.

The Ti spokes weight just 210g for 75 so that's under 3g per spoke, regular stainless spokes weigh 390g per 75 or 5.2g each.

Click here for more info


New Ride DVD Flipside

We just received the new Ride BMX dvd flipside which documents the encounters of four virtually unknown but talented street riders from NYC as they travel to Greenville, North Carolina, to ride with some of the best pros in the world. The roles are then reversed when the pros visit the city to ride street. Street up-and-comers Nigel Sylvester, E-man, Blackman, and more hit Pro-Town to ride with the likes of Dave Mirra and Josh Harrington.

Flipside features some of the most progressive and talented riders in BMX including Dave Mirra, Josh Harrington, Dave Dillewaard, Mike Spinner, Blackman, Nigel Sylvester, E-Man and more.

New Twenty t-shirts and hats



We just received a big box of Twenty t-shirts and hats... check the Twenty page for more...


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