December 2010 >< 2020bmxmag issue 38

Issue 38 of 2020 BMX Magazine is out right about now with 164 pages of blazing Australian BMX. Chris O'Donnell graces the fold out cover with one ballsy as hell tuck down the infamous harbour tunnel gap. Inside there's interviews with Vince Byron and Adam Hough, we get all slasher like at the Halloween Jam and the Colony team hit the USA. Then there's two of the sweetest photo stories we've ever run, from Nick Gascoine and Raine Turnbull. Plus theres bikes to win from Radio, Pilgrim and Premium, along with a massive Colony lucky dip giveaway with over $3000 worth of parts to win. And to sweeten the deal even more, there's a sweet WeThePeople vs BackBoneBMX pull out poster.

Check the preview here:

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year!!

Ride on custom superstar

Steve at Ride On in Brisbane sent us a pic of this sweet custom he has built from a Superstar Mirror frame, click the pic to enlarge or HERE to buy it for your very own...

Amity Bike Co Cam Hardy edit

Cam Hardy rides for Amity in the UK and we have his signature bars and frames in stock now...

Find out more at Amity products or


Season 2011 catalogue

Season have a bunch of new products for 2011, check the new catalogue below, the season page or for all the info.

Proper Picture Box DVD

Proper have a new DVD coming out very soon called Picture Box, see below for a bit of a teaser... We will have copies as soon as they are available.


Frame colours for the February Proper delivery

We just received some sample colours for the TTL and BSH frames on the next delivery. The TTL will be coming in raw, flat blue or flat tomato red and the BSH in charcoal in the 20.6", 20.8", 21" or 21.2" sizes plus, army green in 21" and flat tomato red in the 21.2". 

Amity Bike Co in stock now

Our first shipment of Amity Bike Co products just arrived so we have all the bikes, frames and parts in stock...

Find out more at Amity products or


Deluxe new products in stock now

Mark and the crew at Deluxe BMX have been busy over the last few months with a stack of new products coming out.

We just received the first shipment of F-Lite hubs with female axles and ceramic driver on the rear, the new F-Lite CNC sealed pedals which look like a hi tech version of the old Shimano DX pedals, the new F-Lite top load stem and new barends. All the new products are available in black, silver, red or blue to match the current chainwheels, seats and seat clamps… We will also have more of the Tech 2 frame, deluxe bars, chainwheels, seats, DVDs and T-shirts, as well as new colours in the shovelhand grips…

More info on the Deluxe page

November 2010 >< New Mankind delivery

We just received our long awaited delivery from Mankind Bikes with the Mellow and Justice frames finally back in stock. Both these frames have been selling fast and once again a lot have gone out on backorder. We also have the new Mike S flatland frame the Code as well as new colours in some of the parts including a nice trans red and purple in the Justice cranks 

Check the Mankind page for more info...



Deluxe edit

Mark from Deluxe send us a link to this new Mark Potoczny edit...


Todd Meyn Total BMX Edit

Our long awaited first delivery from Total BMX is due to land mid December, check out all the info here

Aussie ripper Todd Meyn rides for Total and has a new edit, check it out below...



OSS is a new parts brand from the USA, we just picked up a very limited number of their new DVD called “Football”. The DVD features the OSS team riders Alex Platt, Garrett Reeves, Mike Mastroni, Jake Seeley, Craig Passero, Charlie Crumlish and Rory Ellis. Check out the teaser below.


Focale 44 2011 bikes

Our first shipment of 2011 Focale 44 bikes arrived today. All the bikes have been revised for 2011 with Focale 44 graphics on the parts, toe straps on the Relax, Noble and Revolted, plus a new Bike Polo specific bike. 

More info at the Focale 44 page or

October 2010 >< Tims new ride

Tim Watson sent us some pics of his new setup, he's riding the new 2011 model Cooper frame with neutral fork, sweet sweep bars, new trip chainwheel, edge 9 stem and duty wheels, all black of course...

Click to enlarge


The interbike trade show was on last weekend, for a look at new products from some of our brands check out these videos from the show...



September 2010 >< New Proper delivery

Our latest delivery from Proper Bike Co. just arrived. The shipment has a new brakeless street inspired frame, the BSH as well we more TTL frame, bars, wheels, rims and all the small parts. There are also new silver polished chainwheels and u-brakes and a new microlite rim. Check the Proper here page for all the info


2011 TTL

New BSH frame, click to enlarge

2011 version of the TTL frame, click to enlarge

New silver u-brakes   New Microlite rims 

Deluxe shirts

Sweet new Deluxe T-Shirts just came in, shield logo, quality shirt, grey, purple, red... More info on the Deluxe page

Proper shirts

More clothing came in this week with a stack of T-Shirts from Proper, there are 7 new designs and each comes in black plus 1 or 2 other colours, check the Proper here page for all the info

New 2011 Superstar delivery

We just received all the new 2011 frames and products from Superstar. There are 3 new frames on this delivery, the 2011 model of the Cooper, the new Carlton street frame and the Watson dirt frame. Also on this delivery are 8.6" rise sweet sweep bars, the new F9 front load stem, 3 new pedals, new low stack height headsets and the new super light Trip chainwheel. 

Check the superstar page here or for all the info. 


2011 Cooper



Season Gloves

Big box of Season gloves just arrived, we have orange, grey, purple or teal blue. Check the season page or for all the info.

New Simple T-Shirts

We just received a big box of T-Shirts from Simple bikes... Black or white, in two designs... click here for info

2020bmxmag issue 37

The new issue of 2020 hits the newsagents this week. Inside you’ll find a truckload of the goings on from around Australia including the lowdown from the recent Revolver "Slay the rail" event that went off in Melbourne, the Stowaway road trip from Adelaide to Darwin, Renald McQueen interview, Hell on Wheels blazing bowls tour and Raine Turnbull catches up with three young shredders bringing their brand of riding to the forefront fast. 

Check the preview here:

Focale 44 2011 bikes

We received a few photos from Eurobike of the 2011 Focale 44 bikes which will be available here in October or early November.

Check the photos below for the new version of the Noble and Revolted, as well as the new bike polo specific bike. More info at the Focale 44 page or for all the info...


August 2010 >< Deluxe new products

Here's a sneak peek at some of the new stuff that Deluxe are working on, the new stem and hubs will be available later this year, check back for more info soon.

Click to enlarge

Slay the rails

Here's a quick edit from the Slay the rails event a couple of weeks ago in Melbourne. Thanks to 2020bmxmag, triplesix, Backbone, The Sanction and Focalpoint for putting on the event. They'll be coverage in the next 2020 out late August but in the mean time check out this edit filmed by Rhys Yeomans and Sam Illman and edited by Cooper Brownlee.


July 2010 >< Mankind shirts and zip hoods

The new line of Mankind T's just arrived... 

Check the Mankind page for more info...


Severed Alliance

We just received our first shipment from new UK brand Severed Alliance. If you're looking for a super light new school frame then these guys have what you're looking for. Severed have a stack of new products on the way too so look out for more new stuff coming through in the next few months.

Check the Severed page for all the info.

Stranger in stock!

Our first shipment of Stranger clothing just landed, check out the Stranger page or Stranger website for all the info...

We also have bars and frames coming soon and a stack more products in the works...

Click to enlarge

June 2010 >< Focale 44 new delivery

Our latest Focale 44 shipment just landed and there's some shiny new bikes and parts on this delivery... This time around the Relax comes in matt grey, the Noble in matt black and the frame/fork kits in matt black and a sweet clear red colour. There's also a new bike called the Revolted, which comes in red with a BMX style stem and raised bars. 

Check out the Focale 44 page or for all the info...


Proper front hubguards

Here's a sneak peak of the new Proper front hubguard to suit the microlite hub, these won't be available till the end of the year but we know heaps of riders have been asking about them... 

Deluxe goodness

Our long awaited delivery from Deluxe just came in they have some sweet looking products for your trails pleasure... The new version of the frame is here in matt black, tan and raw, plus a new chainwheel and seat clamp. We also have more seat/pole combos and bars as well... 

Check the deluxe page here for more info or their website at for more info...

May 2010 >< Stranger coming soon!

Rich Hirsch's new brand Stranger will soon be available in Aus, we have a big order of clothing, plus the new frame and bars arriving in a couple of weeks. Check out the Stranger website for all the info, or the image below for some of the first lot of clothing...

Click to enlarge

New King Kong shipment

We just received a new shipment of King Kong shin pads, ankle guards and gloves. Check the Kong page for more...

Season Bikes

Our first delivery of Season bikes parts just landed and everything is looking pretty sweet. On this delivery we got rims, sprockets, seats, bars, cable straps and hub guards. Check the season page or for all the info.

April 2010 >< Deluxe DVD out now

We just received a big box of Deluxe DVD's, check the trailer...


The Aussie premiere for the DVD will be at the Settlers Tavern in Mt Beauty on Saturday the 8th of May at 9pm. The Redbull dirt pipe is on too so should be a big weekend...

Mankind Code, Mike S signature frame

Part time Aussie Mike Steingraeber has a new signature frame with mankind bikes. The “Code” will be available here in a couple of months. 

Here is what Mike has to say about it: “I have been friends with Mankind owner Christoph Huber for well over 20 years, and while a good personal relationship helps, that wasn´t the reason I wanted to ride for Mankind. What I find so appealing about Mankind is the quality of their products, their attention to detail and their nice graphic designs. Christoph let me design my signature frame, the “Code” the way I wanted it to be, without any limitations. I knew what I wanted from the start, so it was just a matter of bringing my ideas to paper, getting a prototype made, which unfortunately took a long time, and now testing the prototype and showing it around.

There are several key elements I wanted in my frame: First of all: strength. My frames have to take a lot of abuse, and I want them to take it. That´s why I wanted a without unnecessary bent tubes, and nothing crossed either.

Secondly, I didn´t want to build a tank, so I opted for butted tubes and tapered chain- and seatstays. To be able to use thin tubes, I wanted the frame to be fully heat treated. That means it gets welded first, then the whole thing gets heat treated, resulting in a very strong structure, including the welds!

Third, the frame had to be functional! That´s why the down tube is slightly elevated, with enough attatchment to the bottom bracket shell, so that´s not going to fall off. The dropouts are on the outside of the seat- and chainstays, so bike varials will be easier without getting caught up with your feet. The head angle is 74°, so your bars won´t touch the ground as easily when doing hitchhikers and backpackers.

And last but not least I wanted a lot of attention to detail. I opted for machined bottom bracket shell and head tube with integrated logo, a logo etching in the dropouts, the nice Mankind bridge between the seatstays and the curved tube/bridge between the chainstays for added strength. The seattube is outside machined to save a bit of weight and has an integrated seatclamp. The stickers are placed where they don´t get scratched instantly when you ride your bike. I chose not to have brake mounts on the frame, because I don´t use brakes and it looks like most other riders don´t use rear brakes, and the frame just looks much cleaner that way.”

New Proper delivery

We just received our latest delivery of Proper Bikes frames and parts. This time around the TTL frame is available in grey, raw or metallic blue (which looks awesome), in 20.6", 21", or 21.2" top tube. All the parts are back in stock including wheels, rims, hubs, u-brakes and bars (including the 8.75" rise TTxL bars). New for this order is the microlite chainwheel in 25 or 28 tooth in  stack of colours as well as grips in gum colour and a new grey colour in all the parts...

Check the Proper here page for all the info

New Microlite chainwheels


Gum grips

John Young made this sweet clip from the Five Dock jam...


RedBull Dirt Pipe 2010

The second and final Redbull dirt pipe is on again over the weekend of the 7th to the 9th May. The pipe will get a makeover with a couple of changes and the winner this year will get flights, accommodation and an entry into the Red Bull Stomping Ground event being held in Chicago USA between 13-15 May, 2010. Check for more info...


Click to enlarge

March 2010 >< New Proper BSH frame

Here's a sneak pic of the new Proper BSH frame, we just ordered these for the June delivery. See below for some info from ride UK on the new frame.

Click here for the Ride UK article:

New Twenty shipment

We just received our second shipment of 2010 Twenty bikes products. The new versions of the French Kiss and Highland frames look great, as do the forks, rims and all the small parts check the Twenty page for more...

Check out the 2010 Twenty catalogue here

New Mankind shipment

We just received out latest shipment of Mankind products including more of the popular Mellow and Justice frames. Both frames are selling really fast with some sizes and colours selling out on backorder. This delivery also has the new all plastic seats in a stack of colours, more Forward forks, Justice cranks and 6.3" Neworld bars, plus grips, chainwheels, bearing kits and other Mankind parts...

Check the Mankind page for all the product info or the 2010 catalogue at

2020bmxmag issue 35

The new issue of 2020 is out now. Inside you'll find insights into Colony, Simon O'Briens new DVD and Tempered Bikes latest road trip. As well as Cam White's Hillside Jam and an interview with Proper Bike Co rider Michael Puniard. Check the preview here.


Amigos of Dave bike day

The Amigos of Dave bike day is on at Nerang skatepark on the 1st May. Proper bikes and Mankind bikes are supporting the jam which is to help Dave Montoya battle cancer... As you can see from the flyer pretty much everyone in BMX is helping out and a stack of riders are going to be there... Come along for the day and help out an Amigo...

Check for all the info...

New Superstar delivery

We just received a big delivery of Superstar frames and parts including new colours in the Cooper and Newdeal frames and more of the popular edge 9 stems and overdrive hubs. Check the superstar page here or for all the info. 

You cam also download the 2010 Superstar catalogue here

Feb 2010 >< New Proper TTL colours

The next Proper Bikes delivery is not far away and as usual there will be new colours for the TTL frame. The colours for this delivery will be grey, raw/clear and electric blue.

King of Dirt

The KOD is on again in February, click the flyer for all the info.

New shop in Tassie

Pato BMX just opened at 110 Elizabeth Street, Launceston, drop in and check out the shop they are open 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and 10 to 2 on Saturday, shop phone number is (03) 6331 9192...


Mike S on Mankind

German (and part time Aussie) flatland rider Mike Steingraeber is now riding for Mankind Bikes. Mike has a signature frame with Mankind in the works too... more info on that coming soon... Anyone know where that bathtub is??

Click to enlarge

January 2010 >< Orange skatepark Jam

Click to enlarge

More jams... The Steve Dark memorial jam is on at Orange skatepark on Saturday the 27th February... check the flyer or their facebook page for more info. Orange park is super fun and while your out that way hit up the new Millthorpe park as well...

Kickassbmx is supporting the jam with some prizes from Proper Bike Co and Superstar...

Stony Hills Trails Jam

Click to enlarge

The guys at Stony Hills in Dunedin on the south island of NZ are having a trails jam on the 25th to the 28th Feb 2010... The trails look awesome and the jam sounds like its gonna go crazy... We are flowing a few products from Deluxe for prizes so if you like dailled jumps or just want to hang out in NZ check the flyer or the website at for more info... While your there hit up the new Gorge jump park in Queenstown as well... Oh yea and did i mention Queenstown is the best place on earth...


Check the deluxe page here or the Deluxe website at for more info...

Custom bikes

Jonathan at My Bike shop in Brisbane has been busy again with another sweet custom build. This is a Twenty Highland and was built as a replacent for a similar bike that got stolen from the shop...

My Bike Shop is on the northside of Brisbane at 643 Samford Road, Mitchelton, ph 07 3355 0112. 

Proper products

Heres a look at some of the new products that just came in from Proper Bikes.

The Proper grips now come in solid colours as well as some translucent colours. New on this delivery are solid purple, red, blue and teal as well as black, trans black and white. We also have some trans purple, red and blue left as well.

We now have the new rear hubguards for the Proper ceramic casette hubs, these also fit Simple, Colony and some other hubs too... They come in 8 colours as well...

The Mike Miller TTL frame is available in trans red, trans green and metallic orange on this delivery. I reckon these are the best colours yet so get in quick as they are selling fast. Once again all the prices have dropped on this delivery too... Check the Proper here page for all the info

Old news!












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