December 2015 >< Merritt

We are happy to announce that Kickassbmx is now the Australian distributor for US brand Merritt. Merritt are based in New Jersey and have an amazing team including Brad Simms, Charlie Crumlish and all round legendary rider Brian Foster.

Our first delivery of Merritt products will be landing in March and we will be carrying the whole range including all the soft goods from the USA. You can check out all the products on the Merritt website at
, contact us now for a price list and order form for the March delivery.

Animal Delivery

Our first delivery from Animal will be shipping out to shops on the 7th of January... If you don't have an order in yet get in quick as we brought out all of their stock on some products, so some items will be limited.

There are also a few new products that have been added to the March delivery:
Colin signature 2 piece bars, 9.5" x 29" black
Foursome 4 piece bars, 9" x 29" black
Plastic sewer cap bar ends with built in metal washer
Redesigned Hoder 710 chain made by kmc
V3 Sprocket in 25 tooth black for 19, 22 and 24mm cranks

Animal also have a new video that just dropped... They rented an apartment in New York City, filming and riding for a month under the #theanimalhouse banner, check out the results below...



We are happy to announce that Kickassbmx is now the Australian distributor for US brand Fiend. Fiend have an incredible team including Ty Morrow, JJ Palmere and 6 times X-Games street winner Garrett Reynolds. We have some products in stock now, with our first main delivery arriving in March. Check out current stock here and contact us for an order form for the March delivery.

New Focale 44 delivery

We just received a new delivery of Focale 44 single speed bikes and parts with the popular S-Express and new alloy frame Loyal models now in stock. The big change for this delivery is the introduction of steering packs to provide different handlebar options for the bikes. The model range has been simplified as handle bar options are now available as separate steering packs. See below for info...




Vocal BMX stock up

We just received a stock up of some Vocal BMX products from the UK including the popular travel pumps, Vocal T-Shirts, DRS bottom brackets and DRS upgrade kits, along with the new Vocal i-phone covers for i-phone 5 and 6...

November 2015 >< Alex Hiam & Boyd Hilder's tour of San Francisco

Check out Boyd and Alex's video tour of San Fran... sweet...


October 2015 >< Animal Bikes

We are happy to announce that Kickassbmx is the new Aussie distributor for iconic US brand Animal Bikes. Our first delivery is on its way with a second larger order landing early next year. We will be carrying the entire Animal range including all the popular products like the Edwin grips, GLH tyres, Hamilton pedals and Butcher pegs.

Stock will be limited until our main delivery arrives early next year so in order to get these popular products back on your shelves ASAP we have a pre order running for the first drop. Contact us ASAP for an order form to make sure your order gets included in the first delivery. Animal products will be up on the website as soon as they arrive.

Animal have a new website in the works and a stack of exciting new products coming next year as well...


Brock Horneman

Brock Horneman visited the Vocal guys in the UK for summer and filmed some rad footage while he was there. Here is 'Brock Horneman - 2015' Filmed in and around the UK ( with a splash of France )


New Vocal BMX delivery

We just received a new delivery from Vocal BMX. On this drop we have more of the Hitchhiker rear hubs, which can be switched from cassette to freecoaster, the CNC alloy gyro, the steel retro gyro, all the gyro cables and tabs, rims, bars, cranks, as well as the DRS BB kits (which allow you to add friction to your cranks to stop them spinning when you do whips etc). Also new on this delivery are Linear and slick straight brake cables, headset spacers in a variety of sizes, the new Capital Investment fork and the new Flathead stem.

Check out all the products here...


New Proper Bike Co products, in stock now

We just received a new delivery from Proper Bike Co with some sweet new products... See below for the details and check out all the Proper products here.

The new Select freecoaster hub uses the tried and tested KHE internals and comes in black, silver or oil slick in RHD 9 tooth. Click here for more info on the hubs from the Bicycle Union website.

The new Select front hubs have stronger flanges and come in black, silver or oil slick.

The new Select hub guards are made of a unique nylon compound called Ultramid and come in front and rear versions. These guards will fit all the current Proper hubs plus many hubs from other brands. Click here for more info on the guards from the Bicycle Union website.

Finally the new Avant Guard and Magnon sprockets, slick new designs available in 25 or 28 and black or silver...

September 2015 >< New Mankind Bikes delivery

We just received a new delivery from Mankind Bikes... On this drop we have Action and Justice frames, new 9.2" Action bars, Justice forks, more of the new Nexus cranks and chainwheels, wheels, including the new freecoaster rear wheel, hubs, u-brakes and all the other parts back in stock. Check out all the products here.

Chris Nicol Vocal BMX edit

Chris has been in the UK riding and filming with the Vocal BMX guys... Check out his latest edit, lots of sweet looking spots in the UK right now...


August 2015 >< Boyds new Edit

Body Hilder has been in Berlin and Hamburg for the summer, check out this edit from his trip...


New Mankind Edit

Check out this new edit featuring Mankind team rider Daniel Tünte, new Mankind delivery arrives in September too...


New Deluxe BMX delivery

Deluxe BMX are back with new owners, a new website at, new products and a new location, PA USA... Our first delivery of all the new frames and parts just landed and everything is looking great...

On this drop we have the PA frame in 21" or 21.5", trans black or stainless silver. New hubs and T-Spider sprocket in black, silver, titanium grey and forest green, new tripod seats and posts and finally more stock of the popular F-Lite alloy pedals, barends and bar end extenders... Check out all the products here...

July 2015 >< Alex Coleborn video

Alex Coleborn just dropped this new video... amazing...


Boyd's edit

Check out Boyd Hilder's "Part of mankind" edit which was filmed over the past 4 months around the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Big thanks to Troy Charlesworth for putting this together...


June 2015 >< Alone BMX

More new stuff arrived this week with our first delivery from UK brand Alone. Get in quick as there is limited stock on this first delivery, especially in the Zebra print parts. Check out all the products here or the Alone website at

If you're looking for a stand out frame, fork and bar kit then these guys have one for you with the new Roxbury frame, V2 SPork Forks and H8H8H8 bars in the wild Zebra print...

The Roxbury frame comes in 20.75" or 21", the forks have investment cast drop outs and the H8 bars are 8.88" rise x 29" wide.

Also just in from Alone are the Kingpin pedals, made from Nylon fibre with a combination of sealed bearings and a bush system, the Blackbird half link chain and the Alone brake Lee-ver, in left or right.


Total BMX - new delivery now in stock

Yeowww... We just received our latest delivery from Total BMX, and as usual everything is looking sweet. All the popular frames and parts are back in stock along with the new Hangover H2 frame, Hangover forks, Killabee combo seats, Logo combo seats and Total BMX spokes. Check out all the products here.


Vocal BMX - Across The Channel

Vocal team video on the way to FISE


Bicycle Union stock up

We just received a little re-stock of some Bicycle Union products that were missing from our delivery last month. We now have the Claw U-Brake and all sizes in the Love/Hate gloves in stock... Check out all the good stuff here...


Two times X-Games gold for Total BMX

Congrats to Kyle and Daniel for taking out gold in dirt and park at the Austin X-Games this weekend... Check out the winning runs below... New Total BMX delivery with Kyle and Daniel's signature frames and parts arrives next week...



Mankind Oil Slick hubs back in stock

We just received a top up of Mankind hubs in the popular Oil Slick colour. Mankind make a full range of parts in Oil Slick including cranks, sprockets, u-brakes, barends and stems... Check out all the products here.

May 2015 >< Bicycle Union

We are happy to announce that Kickassbmx is the new Aussie distributor for iconic UK brand Bicycle Union... and the good news is that our first delivery of Union goods just arrived. Check out all the good stuff here...

Alex Coleborn wins FISE

Congrats to Alex Coleborn for wining spine mini and Daniel Sandoval for taking out park at FISE this weekend... 

May 2015 >< Mankind shirts and hoods

Just received a big box of Mankind shirts and hoodies... Click the photos for more info.

Hangover V2

Sneak pic of the new Sparkle Green and Sparkle Orange Hangover V2 frames, less than 2 months away now...

April 2015 >< ACT Jam 2015

The ACT Jam is on again in Canberra on the Queen's Birthday weekend, June 6th and 7th and we are supporting it with prizes from Total BMX, Mankind Bikes and Vocal BMX... 

Check the Back Bone BMX site for all the info...

click to enlarge

March 2015 >< Thomas Dunn in Brisbane

Check out Tom's new edit... Yeoww....


Daniel Sandoval's new Red Bull edit

Daniel Sandoval shredding...


January 2015 >< Boyd's new ride

Boyd recently built up a new bike around a Mankind Action frame... Check out his page on the Mankind site as well.

Happy New Year!!


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