December 08 >< New Twenty shipment

More new stuff just in from Twenty bikes. We have the new 2009 model French Kiss and Highland frames and forks. All the new stuff is super light, how do 4.4lb frames and 810g forks sound!!

Also on this delivery are the new Highland hubs, chainwheel, seat clamp and other parts... check the Twenty page for more...


New Superstar shipment

We just received a new shipment of 09 model Superstar frames and parts. We have the new Mirror and Cooper frames, as well as the updated 2009 model New Deal, plus new rims, hubs, wheels, new 8" and 8.3" sweet sweep bars and new colours in everything else...   Check the Superstar page for more

New StMartin shipment

Also just in are all the 2009 St Martin products. We have the 2 new frames, the Diamon and Eifel, as well as the Mikado forks, Eien bars and new hollow pegs... Plus new colours in the brakes, cranks, and other parts...  Check the St Martin page for more


Mankind catalogue

Mankind have a cool new on-line catalogue, click here for the link...

New Proper Bikes delivery

We just received a big shipment of Proper Bikes products. As with all the recent deliveries all the stuff is selling very fast... Check the fancy image thing below for more info or the products page here for more... 

New stuff on this shipment includes, grips, bar plugs and the female axle version of the Ceramic casette hub and theres a few new colours too... including this nice orange colour.


November 08 >< BMX Games

The BMX Games are on again... Big changes this year with a move to Melbourne and a new street course... Check out the flyer and images of the street course...


New Mankind products

A big shipment of Mankind products just came in this week... We have more of the new Forward frame, including a new pearl blue colour which looks really nice. The Forward is fully heat treated and weights only 4.5lbs. We also got more of the popular Neworld frame as well. 

Parts wise there's Asadi forks in 5 colours, Archangel bars in 7.75" or 8" rise and 5 colours, the new Neworld bars in 8" or 8.3" rise and 5 colours, the new Pivotal seats and seatpoles, new seatclamp and redesigned barends.

We also have the Archangel stem and respect sprockets available in purple now too...

Check all the products here!!


October 08 >< Live from interbike

Ride USA and Vital BMX made a whole bunch of live videos from interbike with company owners and staff showing off their new products. For some reason I only just thought of linking to them from here... So if you want to check out some of the new products that will be coming your way soon, or just laugh at the guys funny accents... click below...

Niels Thanlid from Simple bikes - All the new products that Niels is showing will be available in Australia early in 2009. The rims and hubs look really nice.
Mark Noble from Deluxe - Deluxe frames and chainwheel's are available from selected shops in Australia right now.
Jamie Cameron from Proper Bikes - Most Proper products are available now with new stuff like the grips arriving at the end of November.
Christoph Huber from Mankind Bikes - All Mankind products are available now at your local bike shop.

Mail order prices

I know that prices from overseas mail order companies can sometimes look cheaper than from your local bike shop, but with all the crazy economic stuff going on now it looks like this might be changing... Check out what a few of our products are costing on mail order sites compared to the recommended retail prices at your local shop, and don't forget if you buy local you get warrantee, service and you are supporting the Aussie BMX scene... 

Product Mailorder site Price US$ Postage US$ Total US$ Aussie $

Aussie bike shop price

Mankind forward frame Dans $400 $130 $530 $815


Superstar Newdeal frame Dans $245 $130 $375 $577


Superstar Revolte stem Dans $65 $33 $98 $150


Simple Ace frame Dans $330 $130 $460 $707


Simple eject hub Empire $75 $25 $100 $153


More custom bikes

Jonathan at My Bike shop in Brisbane sent us pics of some of the customs he has built up recently. The lightest is the Silver Mankind which weighs in at 9.25kg, check out the photos and hit up Jono for a custom for your own... 

My Bike Shop is on the northside of Brisbane at 643 Samford Rd , Mitchelton, ph 07 3355 0112. 

Tim Whites bikes

There's a new rider owned BMX shop opening in Auckland NZ soon, Tim Whites Bikes, not surprisingly owned by Tim White, will be having an opening party on Saturday the 8th of November, check the flyer to the left for a look at the days festivities...

The shop is at 132 Symonds Street in Newton, Auckland and you can find out more at

September 08 >< Dan... lost in translation...

Proper Bikes team rider, Dan Baker has just left Aus for 10 weeks of demos at Tokyo Disneyland... That sounds pretty cool on its own but this will be Dan's first trip OS... and even his first trip out of NSW, can you say life changing experience...

I'm sure that Dan's laid back Aussie vibe will go down well in Japan... he's doing ramp demos while Simon O'Brien and Mike Steingraeber ride flat and I’ve promised not to publish photos of the wacky outfits they will all be wearing... 

More Deluxe

Here's a custom Deluxe that Tom and Rob at Hell On Wheels in Sydney built up recently... Check the Hell On Wheels web site here for more

Click to enlarge

Deluxe BMX

We just received the first shipment of frames and sprockets from Deluxe BMX. Deluxe is a trails inspired company from the UK, check the deluxe page here for more info and their website at for the whole story...

Deluxe frames and chainwheels will be available from the following BMX stores in the first week of October, check the dealer page for contact details...

Canberra - Back Bone BMX
Sydney - Hell On Wheels
Brisbane - Ride On
Melbourne - BMX MAD
Adelaide - CM BMX
Darwin - Spokes NT





Proper Grips

Here's a sneak pic of the new proper grips that are coming on the next shipment in November. They will be available in black, clear black, clear purple, clear blue, clear red, clear or white...


click to enlarge

Custom bikes

Keyan at For the riders in Browns plains Brisbane just built up a nice looking custom Mankind Neworld... click the pic for a better view or check out their shop website for more

Check all the Mankind products here

New King Kong shipment

  We just received a new shipment of King Kong gloves, shin pads and ankle guards so we have everything back in stock, the ankle guards now also come in two sizes, small/med or large/xl...

Check the King Kong page for more info...


August 08 >< Proper Bikes T-Shirts

We just received a big box of Proper shirts from the UK, there are 5 designs in small, med or large, check the pic below for a look at the designs...

Spinal Disorder jam

Proper bikes, Mankind bikes and Superstar are sponsoring the Spinal disorder comp that's on at the Melbourne show on the 27th September. The comp will be the first on the new Freestyle BMX spine mini that's just been finished, check below for some pics of the ramp... FBMX have a whole street course currently on its way to Aus so expect to see many more jams and comps coming up soon...


New Simple products

A big shipment of Simple bikes frames and parts just arrived. There are 3 new frames from Simple, the Weaver, Ace and Enigma V2... all three look really nice with a bunch of improvements... 

Also on this delivery we got the Eject hubs, Eject stems and System stems in 3 new colours, green, blue/teal and purple as well as the Jetset bars in a huge 8.5" rise as well as the regular 8"and 7.5"...

check the simple page for more...

Proper bikes shipment

Our long awaited shipment from Proper Bikes just arrived so all the frames, rims, hubs and parts are heading to your local bike shop right now. Once again this shipment has pretty much come in and gone straight out so all the best BMX shops in Aus should be well stocked right now.

New on this shipment is a limited edition grey colour for all the parts...

Also on this shipment we got our first look at the new u-brake, these are super nice, CNC machined with a special sintering process on the brass post bushes to stop vibrations in the brake arms...

The TTL frame now comes in translucent black, raw or purple with removable u-brake mounts and cable guides, as well as gyro tabs and we also have the proclaimer and TTL bars in new colours too...

Check the Proper page for all the info...

2020 issue 29

2020bmxmag issue 29 out now

Issue 29 of 2020 is the biggest one yet. 132 pages of home grown BMX goodness. There's big time photo coverage of the massive Red Bull Dirt Pipe, the streets of Canberra with the Colony team, a well deserved interview with Mick Bayzand along with some grimey coverage of the Dirty Filthy Drain jam. Lots of faces, spaces and places from around this big ol' country. And theres a chance to win a Colony Hell Stallion frame inside too. All this plus the regular news and info from around Aus.


July 08 >< New St martin shipment

We just received a stack of St Martin flatland products including some nice limited edition purple parts... We also have more ClassX and Wells frames in a few sizes and colours as well as the new Champagne forks, Demon and Ange bars, plus all the small parts like long seat poles, u-brakes, bar ends, pegs and cranks... The seat pole, u-brake and cranks now com ein a limited edition purple colour as well as the usual red, green and black... Check the St Martin page here


LTD purple, click to enlarge

New Superstar shipment

We just received a new shipment of Superstar frames and parts. We have the Light My Fire and New Deal frames back in stock in all sizes and colours, as well as the sweet sweeps bars in 7.85" or 8.15" in black, cream or turquoise.

Parts wise there are more Elect and Revolte stems in black, blue, silver and a special red limited edition colour. There's also more U-brakes, regular pimp chainwheels and pink disk chain wheel that now comes in black and blue.

Check the Superstar page for more


Custom bike

Brock from Grafton city cycles send us this pic of his new bike, its a Superstar New Deal with a bunch of Proper parts... looks sweet... If you live up that way go see Brock at 105 Pound Street, Grafton or give the shop a call on 02 6642 7890 to hook up a sweet ride for yourself...

June 08 >< Dirt Pipe

The Redbull dirt pipe went down a couple of weeks ago and i finally got around to posting some info here... The event was pretty dam crazy and im really stoked on how it all worked out... Theres a bunch of videos and photos up at and a little interview that i did for the Deluxe site at 

Hopefully there might be another Dirt pipe on next year... have to wait and see...

Deluxe BMX

We just picked up a new brand for distribution in Australia. Deluxe BMX is a trails inspired company from the UK and have some really nice frames and parts, check the deluxe page here for more info and their website at for the whole story... The first shipment will be here soon and will be available from selected BMX shops only... 

Auckland Lynnfield jam

On the 5th of July 'Bowl-A-Rama' is going to take place at Lynnfield Bowl, Auckland City in New Zealand. Lynnfield is a super good old school bowl so head down for a fun mellow event. There's going to be a jam style comp and best trick as well as free BBQ and all the bowl shredding you can handle. 

Check or click here for the flyer

Titanium spokes

We just received a new shipment of stainless steel and Titanium spokes, and alloy nipples. We have Natural (Ti silver colour), Rainbow, Blue, Purple and Gold Ti spokes in both 192mm and 184mm, as well as alloy nipples in black, red, purple, blue and green, in both regular 12mm and long 16mm.

The Ti spokes weight just 210g for 75 so that's under 3g per spoke.

Click here for more info


New Mankind products

A big shipment of Mankind products arrived this week... We have the new Forward frame, which looks really nice, its fully heat treated and weights only 4.5lbs. We also got more Neworld and Asadi P2 frames along with the new Mankind Alive flatland frame as well. 

Parts wise there's Asadi forks in 5 colours, Archangel bars in 2 sizes and 5 colours, new barends, more chainwheels, new colours in the P2 grips, new coloured BB kits and headsets, more stems and seat clamps and 2 new seat designs. 

Mankind is really stepping up with new products and everything is looking really good, well done Christoph...

Check all the products here!!

May 08 >< New Proper Bikes shipment

We just received a big shipment of Proper Bikes stuff so all the rims, hubs, bars, TTL frames and parts are all back in stock...

There are new colours in most of the parts, plus the new team sprocket which looks very nice. The TTL frame has been updated with revovable u-brake posts and cable guides and theres the new TTL bars as well... 

Check the Proper page for all the info...


Red Bull dirt pipe

Heres a few sneak pics of the set up for the Red Bull dirt pipe... 

The comp is gonna be held in late May and the course is gonna be crazy... click the pics to enlarge

April 08 >< Issue 28 of 2020 on sale next week

2020bmxmag issue 28

Issue 28 is a packed one. With a stack of free stickers tucked away inside the banging wall ride cover thanks to Troy Jackson. But beyond the adhesives, it's full of 100% riding. We follow the Tempered crew on their first team roadtrip, bring a pictorial coverage of the recent BMX Games, hit up Cam White's second annual Hill side Jam, get rolling with the crew at Imax for the 3053 jam and personal with Forgotten's newest star, Josh Mete. Of course theres a truckload more from around our rocking country, New Zealand and even Fiji... 


New Twenty bikes shipment

Heaps of new stuff from Twenty... We have the new 08 French Kiss frame in matt black and light blue, the new Circus flatland frame, French Kiss forks, Unidos pivotal seat and seatpole, plus a stack of other new parts.

Check the Twenty page here


New St martin shipment

New stuff just in from St Martin... We have more Happy Place and ClassX frames as well as the Wells frame in 2 sizes. The new Champagne forks, Demon and Ange bars, plus all the small parts like long seat poles, u-brakes, bar ends, pegs and cranks... Check the St Martin page here


New Superstar shipment

We just received our next shipment of Superstar frames and parts. We have the Light My Fire and New Deal frames back in stock in all sizes and colours, as well as a special limited edition purple brakeless colorway. Parts wise theres more Elect and Revolte stems in black, blue, silver and a special black/green limited edition. There's also more U-Brakes, Pimp chainwheels and Sweet Sweep bars as well as all the small parts like 1/2 links, hollow stem bolts and micro pegs...

Check the Superstar page here


Limited edition colours available now

Soul DVD issue 31

Just got the new issue of Soul DVD mag, #31...

Once again Soul covers the world of BMX. This issue features a Melbourne scene check, Spanish road trip, North Wales scene check, Germany to the Netherlands road trip plus bio’s and coverage from a bunch of comps ranging from the Backyard jam in Sheffield England to a comp in Trutnov in the Czech Republic. All up you get 40 minutes of footage you probably won’t see anywhere else…

March 08 >< New Ride DVD

Just received a box of the new Ride BMX DVD, "Insight"...

The latest DVD from Ride BMX follows Dakota Roche, Chester Blacksmith, Darryl Tocco, Jared Washington, Mike Brennan, and Davey Watson through the making of a video part… Ride DVD’s are always good and this won't leave you disappointed!

Febuary 08 >< Mankind Bikes

The latest shipment of Mankind Bikes products arrived yesterday. We have the new Andrew "Gee" Gregory Neworld frame, in a bunch of sizes and colours as well as more Asadi P2 frames, the new P2 fork and more 7.75" and 8" bars. Also new on this shipment are the P2 grips in 4 colours, plus more Archangel stems, seatclamps and Respect sprokets in 5 colours... click here for all the info

Please note: The Neworld frame has mistakenly been advertised in some overseas magazines as weighing 5.29lbs, when it actually weights 4.95lbs...

New MK products

Superstar Hubs

Here's a sneak pic of the new Superstar hubs that are coming later this year... They will have a heat treated female crmo axle, synthetic bushing in the driver and CNC hub body... More info when we get it.

Simple Weaver frame

UK rider Mitch Yates has a new signature frame with Simple, the production version will be available in about 6 months so this is the prototype. There's more info on the Ride UK website with a few detail photos. (please note that the website states that it comes with a Mid BB, it comes with a Spanish).

Click here to see the Ride UK article

New Simple Bikes shipment 

New Simple products

We just received a new shipment of Simple bikes products including the sought after Eject hubs. Back orders will be going out this week so check your local shop if you've been waiting for one. We also have the new hubguards for the eject hubs as well.

The hubguard for the eject hubs comes in black, silver, grey or white and replaces the origional cone on the hub for a really neat fit. We also have a plastic version thats super light and slips over the existing cone...

This shipment also included the new wheel slammers...

These little gadgets fill the gap between your axle and drop out, so they work just like a chain tensioner but are super neat and light. One of the best and "simple"est ideas i've seen for a while. The slammers come in 14 sizes from 0.5mm to 8mm so will work with any frame / chain / chainwheel combination. Each slammer has a different size on each side so theres 7 diferent combinations available...

This pic (thanks to Simple's UK distro) shows the slammer and a peg adaptor which provides a larger area for a peg...

The sizes are as follows.

1.5 and 2.0mm
2.5 and 3.0mm
3.5 and 4.0mm
4.5 and 5.0mm
5.5 and 6.0mm
6.5 and 7.0mm
7.5 and 8.0mm

check all the Simple products here...


Superstar website

Superstar have updated their website will all the new 2008 products as well as heaps of news and environmental stuff... They also have a new catalogue which you can download here...

January 08 >< 2020 bmx mag issue 27

2020 BMX mag issue 27 features coverage of the DK king of dirt from QLD, focal point road trip to the Halloween jam, Ryan Guettler's photography and a Chris “Danger” O’Donnel interview. There’s also stories from the multitude of jams that have been happening around the country, info on how to get a job in BMX, a look at Johnny Choppers unique bikes and parts, a interview with flatland rider Paul Chamberlain, sunshine coast scene report, plus all the regular news, rider profiles and new products. This issue also has giveaways from Mirra co, Tempered and a trip to the Newtons playground event in Bathurst up for grabs… On sale now.


Happy New Year!

2008 BMX Games

The 2008 Monster BMX Games will be on again at Sydney Olympic Park over the Australia Day weekend, from 26th - 28th Jan. Mini and vert will be on Sat the 26th January at the Monster skatepark, flatland, street and the trade show will be on Sun the 27th January and dirt will be in the same spot as last year, out the front of the hotel on Monday the 28th January (Australia day public holiday). Kickassbmx and 2020bmxmag are supporting the event again this year... For more info hit up

New team riders

We just picked up two new teams riders, Dan Baker for Proper Bike Co and Will Gunn for Superstar. Dan is riding the new Proper TTL frame and Will a brakeless Superstar Light My Fire...

Check out the links above or the team page for more info on Orange's finest...

New 2020 ads

The new issue of 2020 will be out soon, here's a look at the ads we are running this issue..

  click to enlarge

New Proper hubs

Here's some photos of the inside of the new Proper ceramic bearing hubs... as you can see the usual 3 small sealed bearings have been replaced by one big ceramic bush. The ceramic material is very hard wearing but also runs like a bearing so there's very little friction. These ceramic bearings will last for ages because the forces coming through from the chain is spread over a much larger area than with regular bearings...


The drivers are available with 9t or 10t cogs and because the ceramic bush takes up less space the whole driver can be made smaller, which also saves weight.


These hubs are available now from your local BMX shop... click the photos to enlarge...

Superstar and StMartin websites

Both the Superstar and StMartin websites have just undergone a big update, check them out with all the new 08 products added, plus heaps of news and info... click the logos to check out the new sites...


There's also an interview with the man behind both Superstar and StMartin on the ride BMX website at

New Proper Bikes products

We just received our first shipment of 2008 Proper Bikes products... The new stuff looks great with the first look at the new ceramic bearing cassette hub. This new version of the MagLite hub weighs only 370g, making it one of the lightest hubs around and with the ceramic bearing in the driver you will never blow out driver bearings ever again... We also got the new Mike Miller TTL frame, plus new colours in wheels, rims, chainwheels, barends, the new seat clamp. Check all the products here


Old news!












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