December 2014 >< Vocal BMX Brock Horneman bike check

Brock Horneman has a new bike check out...


Total BMX- Blacklight and late nights



Vocal BMX DRS BB Kits

The new Vocal BMX DRS system allows you to add drag to your cranks to stop them turning when you take your feet off the pedals. The system works with a simple plastic drag plate that runs on the outer face of the bearing and can be adjusted to suite the individual riders style, so no more searching for your pedals when you do a tail whip they will be exactly where you left them. You can also get an upgrade kit with just the parts you need to upgrade any BB kit to the DRS system...

Click here or check out the video below for more info...


Vocal BMX

We are happy to announce that Kickassbmx is now the Aussie distributor for UK brand Vocal BMX. Vocal have a good range of parts and we just received our first delivery with everything now in stock. Highlights include the Hitchhiker rear hub, which can be switched from cassette to freecoaster, the CNC alloy gyro, a huge range of gyro cables and tabs and the DRS BB kits, which allow you to add friction to your cranks to stop them spinning when you do whips etc. Check out all the products here...


New Mankind delivery

We just received a new delivery from Mankind Bikes... On this drop we have more of the popular Justice frame, forks and bars and a whole stack of wheels with the new Vision rims and Prometheus hubs. There also a bunch of new products including the Nexus cranks with 22mm axle in black, chrome or oil slick and 3 new sprockets, the Nexus, Epoch and Epoch Guard, all in 25 or 28 tooth and black, chrome or oil slick... Check all the Mankind goodness out here...



November 2014 >< Proper In Between Days

Proper's UK team trip video "In Between Days" just dropped featuring our very own Thomas Dunn, check it out below...


Fluide top up

We just received a little top up delivery of race products from Fluide. On this drop we have the larger 9" bars, new Cypress stem, 300mm and 560mm 27.2 diameter tripod seat posts and new Tripod seats... Check out all the Fluide parts here...


New Total BMX delivery

Our latest delivery from Total BMX has arrived and everything is looking sweet. The 2015 complete bikes look awesome, especially the Alex Coleborn and Mark Webb tribute bikes. Frames wise we have the new yellow colour in the Killabee, which is going to be super popular, as well as the new Daniel Sandoval signature Sandstorm frame in black, red or blue. There is also new stock of the Voltron and Hangover frame. Parts wise all the forks, bars, seats, sprockets and cranks are back in stock, along wit the new hubs, spline drive sprockets and top load stems... Check out all the products here...

2015 Complete Bikes

Yellow Killabee frame fork and bar

Sandstorm frame

New parts

Yellow Killabee frames in stock

Yelow Killabee frames have arrived!

October 2014 >< Boyd at Texas toast

Boyd Hilder is over in the USA and rode at Texas Toast last weekend... and he made it to the finales, placing 12th! Go Boyd...

Dylan White - Verve mixtape

Dylan White took out 2nd at the recent jam at Ipswich and won best trick with a cannonball barspin! He has also been filming with Verve footwear their team mixtape for the last couple of months, see below for the results...


Stereo Bikes and parts in stock now

Our first delivery of 2015 Stereo BMX complete bikes and parts just arrived. The new bikes look great with some really unique colours and features. Parts wise we have the 9.5" x 30" bars, Audio grips, 3 tyres of cool Gator finish seats, the super fat 2.4" tyres and the 28 tooth guard sprocket, click here for all the details...

August 2014 >< New Mankind delivery

All the new products from Mankind Bikes just arrived... On this delivery we have more of the popular Action and Justice frames, Justice forks and cranks and all the other parts. Mankind have added the Oil Slick colour to their parts range so we have stems, u-brakes, hubs and wheel sets (black rim, oil slick hub). Plus we have the new Vision rim in black or chrome, which looks great. The wheel sets now come with the Vision rim as well...

July 2014 >< New Focale 44 delivery

We just received a big re-stock of Focale 44 single speed goodness. On this delivery we have the full moon, S-Express and Relax models, as well as parts including wheels, cranks, bars and pedal straps. Check out all the products here or on the Focale website here.


June 2014 >< Nathan Watts new ride

Mankind rider Nathan Watts built up a new bike based around the Monocle frame in the new clear red colour... Looks sweet...

Kenneth Tencio "Welcome to Superstar"

Here is Kenneth Tencio from Costa Rica's "Welcome to Superstar" video, shot in 2 days in Montpellier, France by Arnaud Wolff.


ACT jam video

Here's the video from the recent ACT jam, 13 minutes of Canberra shredding thanks to Back Bone BMX and John Young...


Rampfest Open

We are supporting the Rampfest Open with prizes from Mankind Bikes, Proper and Total BMX. The Rampfest Open is on at Rampfest in Melbourne on Sat the 28th of June. There will be Junior (U 14), Amateur and Open / Pro classes with prizes and over $2000 pro purse. Get down to 47-85 HIllary Street, Braybrook on the 28th and check it out. For entry info, and schedules go to

click to enlarge

Collin Nevin on Deluxe

We recently hooked up Adelaide rider Collin Nevin with some Deluxe parts through Little Black Bike. Deluxe have some sweet USA made frames in the works so keep an eye out for Collin shredding on one soon... 

May 2014 >< Terry's Mankind customs

Terry's bicycle service in Goulburn have buit up a couple of nice customs using the new matching colours in the Mankind frames, forks and bars. The Red Justice is sold already but the blue Monocle is up for grabs now, get in quick... Check out Terry's Facebook for more info...

2015 Total BMX complete bikes

Here's some sneak pics of the 2015 Total BMX complete bikes which will be here before Christmas, more info soon...

Boyd on Focalpoint

Boyd has a quick fire interview on the focalpoint site:


New Mankind Bikes delivery

We just received a big delivery of Mankind parts and frames including new colours in the Action, Monocle and Justice frames, Justice forks and bars. Also on this delivery we have the new switch drive rear hubs which can easily be swapped from RHD to LHD, the new Epoch stems in front and top load, the revised truth u-brake, as well as a stock up on all the other Mankind parts... Check everything out here! 

April 2014 >< New Total BMX delivery

We just received our latest delivery from Total BMX with more Voltron, Hangover and Killabee frames as well as all the bars, forks and parts. New on this drop are purple stems, silver bars and forks to match the Killabee frame, forks caps, new lighter Rock N Roll sprockets and the new Sandstorm Daniel Sandoval signature seat. Check out all the products here.


Mankind "No Sangria left in BCN!" edit

Check out the new Mankind Bike Co. "No Sangria left in BCN!" edit featuring Daniel Tünte, Isaac Lesser, Nil Soler and team newcomer Bill Cooper. Filmed and edited by Björn Mager.



The ACT jam is on again in Canberra, we are supporting this years event with Total BMX, Proper Bike Co and Mankind Bikes. Get down to Canberra for a long weekends worth of BMX goodness...

Killabee in Yellow

Looks like we might be getting some Yellow Total BMX Killabee frames later this year... 

March 2014 >< Tristan Clip

Tom Stanton filmed this little edit with Tristan Gray at Blackwood skatepark and Adelaide City Skate. Tristan rides for Mankind Bike Co, Dishonour Brand and Little Black Bike.


Total BMX Daniel Sandoval, My Escape

US Total rider Daniel Sandoval's new edit....


January 2014 >< Bobs bikes comp in Albany WA

Bobs bikes in Albany WA are running a BMX comp on Wednesday the 29th Jan. Check out the flyer below or their facebook here for more info.

New Proper delivery

We just received a big delivery from Proper Bike Co. New on this drop we have new colours in the TTL frame, the 2014 version of the BSH frame, Acala stems in regular and wedge clamp versions, Tripod seats and posts and the Vanguard bash guard sprocket. Check out all the products here.

Happy new year!!


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