December 2013 >< Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year

Kickassbmx will be open regular hours over Christmas and New Year but closed public holidays...

New Focale 44 delivery

We just received our first delivery of 2014 Focale 44 single speed bikes. This year the S-Express comes in raw, clear red or clear blue and the Relax in clear red. Check out all the info on the bikes here



Boyd edit


Boyd Hilder sent us a link to a little edit of random clips he's been working on.


November 2013 >< Alex Coleborn - After Hours

New Alex Coleborn clip just surfaced... Nice...


New Superstar parts

Our latest delivery from Superstar just arrived with a stack of new parts... We have the new Marton frame, 9.2" rise Swinger bars, Midnight rims, Tripod seats and seat posts and new alloy pedals... Plus a stock up on all the other parts... Check it all out here...

St Martin Darwin complete flatland bike

We just received the new 2014 version of the St Martin Darwin complete flatland bike... if your looking for a mid price flatland specific bike, this is the one for you...

Fluide race parts - in stock now

Fluide is a new race brand from the guys that bring us Superstar and St Martin. The first delivery of forks, bars and stems just arrived, check out all the info here...

New Mike Miller edit...


2020bmxmag issue 49

Issue 49 of 2020bmxmag is out now. Jason Watts takes the cover, blasting the MARKIT backyard ramps during his recent US trip thanks to the camera work of Colin Mackay. Inside the pages you’ll find out about this along with what makes Jason tick. Then strap yourself in, the two years in the making Ammon Chesworth interview is done and is something special thanks to the tireless work of Mitch Morison on lens and interview duty. Tempered’s Filthy Drains event makes it’s return to bring good times and all the usual mayhem to Brisbane thanks to the hard work of Jerry Vandervalk. Andy Fortini and Kim Bloodson travel to South Africa in search of a new world and we get an insight into the Fox BMX Pro event at Rampfest. Our feature catches up with Input BMX, plus there's giveaways from Duo and LosseKid. All this plus a whole lot more of the best riding, photography and vibe inside issue 49.

New Total BMX delivery

Our latest delivery from Total BMX just arrived. On this delivery we have the new Kyle Baldock Killabee frame, the V2 Voltron and new colours in the Hangover. Also new on this drop are the Hangover cranks, team stem and skinny pegs, as well as more stock of the GS bars and forks, limelight forks and all the other parts... Get in quick as everything is selling FAST... More info here... 


October 2013 >< Boyd tag team win


Boyd Hilder rode in the recent Monster Tag Team event at the Compound on the Gold Coast and along with Josh Matthews took out first place... check out the vids below...



Voltron V2

The new version of Mark Webb's signature frame the Voltron will be arriving in Australia in a few weeks. These will be available in black and this sweet metallic green colour and we will also have GS forks and bars in the matching green... Check out the specs here...

Boyd's new ride


Boyd Hilder just built up one of the new Mankind Action frames... Check out his new ride below and all the info on the frame here... Boyd and Josh Matthews also took out first place at the GC compound tag team comp eariler this week as well...

September 2013 >< Total BMX catalogue

Check out the new Total BMX catalogue below, all the 2014 products will be arriving in Aus in about a month.


Deluxe BMX top up delivery

We just received a top up delivery from Deluxe BMX. Hubs, 30 tooth sprockets and some other parts that we were out of stock on are now back in... More info here.


Total BMX KillaBee frames

Kyle Baldock's signature frame the KillaBee will be arriving in Australia around the end of October. These frames look great and we already have a stack on backorder... The KillaBee has a 75.5 head angle, stand over of 7.5" and 12.9"-13.2" rear end...

Tom Dunn in Blackout...

Thomas Dunn pops up in Jack Birtles' new film Blackout... 


Gus checking in...

Our Adelaide Proper rider Angus Samson just built up a new Trawlerman set up... and celebrated with a nice table on his backyard ramp...

Nathan Watts in the Coalesce II DVD


Nathan Watts has some clips in Renald McQueen's upcoming DVD, Coalesce II, check out the trailer below...


New Mankind Bikes delivery!


We just received a new delivery from Mankind Bikes. On this drop we have our first delivery of the new Björn Mager signature Action frame, which looks super nice. We also have the Justice frame in clear red and clear blue, as well as new LHD/RHD rear hubs, mid size pivotal seats and all the other products back in stock... Check everything out here... and Björn's new clip below.



August 2013 >< Stereo Bikes in stock now!

We just received our first delivery from Stereo Bikes and they look good!! Backorders went out on Friday so check your local shop for bikes next week. We still have stock of all models except the limited edition Rasta, but there are not many left so get in quick if you want to grab some... Check out the bikes here.


Kis Bike Co first delivery

We just received our first order from new UK brand Kis Bike Co. Kis have some nice products including some unique hubs and a Pivotal seat post that doubles as a peg socket... Find out more here...

Dylan White edit

New edit from Dylan white thanks to Total BMX and Ride on. If your in Brisbane check out Ride On for all your Total BMX needs...


July 2013 >< 2020bmxmag issue 48

Issue 48 is out now at your favourite bike shop and next week at the newsagents...


Total BMX top up delivery

We just received a small additional delivery of Total BMX frames and parts. This means that we now have stock of some of the products that we were sold out of last week, including Voltron frames, bars in 8.25”, 8.5”, 8.65” and 9”, limelight forks, sprockets, seats, headsets and brake pads… Check out all the products here

New Focale 44 delivery

We just received a new delivery of Focale 44 single speed bikes, check out all the bikes here

Full Moon



June 2013 >< Rob Ridge on & forks - with front brakes


Nice to see some front brake action... We have & forks in stock with 990 mounts if your looking for some front brake goodness.


Total BMX shirts

Total BMX shirts in stock now... Click here for more info...

Proper delivery just in

Our latest delivery from proper Bike Co just arrived. On this drop we have the TTL frame in a sweet Nickel (dark gold) colour, as well as silver and black. There is also a new version of the Team sprocket that fits Odyssey socket drive cranks like the Thunderbolt. All the other parts are back in stock including wheels, rims, hubs, TTxL bars, sprockets, stems and all the small parts.

ACT jam


Jeff Klugiewicz's last name might be difficult to spell, but he sure ain't difficult to watch ride. Jeff recently built up a new Mankind and put it through its paces...


ACT jam


Back bone BMX picked up the original ACT jam format for 2013, see below for the highlight reel. The jam was supported by Mankind Bikes and our & forks and Mankind rider Boyd Hilder took out "over 16 best rider" for the event as well...


Boyd Hilder clip hits 10,000 views... almost...


Boyd's welcome to & and Mankind clip, is just about to hit 10,000 views... nice... Boyd also got riders choice at a local comp last weekend... 

Nathan Watts rail pic

Our Mankind team rider, Nathan Watts, sent us though this nice pic of a rail he's been hitting...

May 2013 ><  Stereo Bikes

We are happy to announce that Kickassbmx is now the Australian distributor for German brand Stereo Bikes. Our first delivery of 2014 bikes will be arriving in August and we will be carrying the whole range of bikes, frames and parts before the end of the year. The 2014 bikes look sweet but we only have limited numbers coming so get in quick to grab some bikes from the August delivery. Check out the bikes here.


Thomas Dunn edit

Our QLD Proper rider Tom Dunn knocked out a quick edit while building a new bike at Ride On... 


Boyd Hilder on & forks and Mankind Bikes


We are proud to welcome QLD ripper Boyd Hilder to ride for & forks and Mankind Bikes. Check out his edit below for a look at his skills...


Adoro Caderas Jam

The 2013 Adoro Caderas Jam went down in Yass last weekend and it looks like a good time was had by all... Check the FB page for photos and info... Thanks to Marty at Wright Motorcycles for all his work on the jam. Check out his website here 

Total BMX new delivery

Our latest delivery from Total BMX just arrived and as usual everything is selling super fast. On this delivery we have the Hangover frame in chrome as well as black and red and the Voltron frame in also in chrome as well as black and blue. There's a new 9" version of the GS bars in black or chrome and a new slimmer and lighter GS fork, in black, blue or chrome. We also stocked up on the seats, grips, chainwheels and new clear brake pads as well. All the remaining stock is up on the website so get in quick as it won't last long...

Proper Titanium hubs and axles

The Proper MagTi hub was one of the first Proper products to arrive in Australia so we are stoked to have the latest version available now. We have stock hubs with Ti female axles and bolts, plus Ti bolts and Ti axles in 14mm and female rear and female front. Get in quick as there is limited stock of these.

Proper Back Packs

Proper back packs now in stock, more info here

April 2013 ><  Gus edit

Gus clip, we could possibly be a little late getting this clip up...


Mankind Tristan Gray edit

Tristan Gray rides for Mankind Bikes and Little Black Bike in Adelaide, check out his clip below...


Elizabeth bowl session

Angus Samson our Proper rider in SA send through a few pics from the old Elizabeth aquadome. There's more over on Dave Rubinich's blog at: if you after any Proper products in Adelaide check out Little Black Bike

Congratulations Kyle Baldock!!

Total BMX team rider Kyle Baldock just won both park and dirt at the X-Games in Brazil... Congrats Kyle. Check out the winning runs below...



Total BMX chrome frames coming soon

Chrome Hangover and Voltron frames coming soon!

2020bmxmag issue 47

Issue 47 is out now at your favourite bike shop or newsagent...

March 2013 ><  Mankind summer edit

Last summer was a busy one for the Mankind team with trips to Poland, Barcelona, Croatia and Germany. Here are some of the highlights.


The Webbie show part 2

Part 2 of the Mark Webb show...


Total BMX at the Simple Session

The Simple Session was on in Estonia last weekend and the Total BMX team where there in force... These kids got some moves! Next Total delivery arrives in May...


Road Train!

Nice set up.. check out Total BMX riders Andrew Ahumada, Kyle Baldock and Todd Meyn riding a road train...


Nathan Watts

Nathan Watts has been riding for Mankind Bikes and Mainly BMX for a while now, check out his welcome edit here from his local in Geelong...


ACT jam

Back Bone BMX are reviving the ACT jam over the Easter weekend in Canberra, we are supporting the event with Mankind Bikes. The ACT jams started in 2001 and ran for a few years, the idea was to hit up a few of Canberra's awesome parks over the one weekend.

Click to enlarge

Check out this video from the original 2001 ACT jam...


Deluxe Sacre Blue

Check out Deluxe team rider, Max Bimar's new Sacre Blue bike below

Frame: Deluxe Sacre Bleu, 21.1″ Clearcoat
Fork: And Forks, 23s
Bars: Deluxe V2 Handlebar, XXL size
Stem: Deluxe F-Power, polished
Front Wheel: Deluxe F-Lite Wheel, sealed
Rear Wheel: Deluxe F-Lite Wheel, 9T RHD, sealed
Tyres: Kenda / KHE
Pedals: Deluxe F-Lite, polished
Sprocket: Deluxe Pompom, 25T
Grips: Deluxe Shovelhands
Chain: Shadow
Crank: Courtesy Ezco
Seatclamp: Deluxe Superlight
Seat: Deluxe Tripod Sample
Bar Ends: Bar End Bar Ends


February 2013 >< Proper best of 2012

Proper had some leftover clips from their 2012 edits...


Kyle Baldock wins the NZ farm jam

Congrats to Kyle Baldock who took out the Farm Jam comp on the weekend...

Andrew Ahumada bike check 

Check out Andrew's new ride below...


DJ welcome to HB

Daniel Johnson rides for HB in Australia, check out his welcome to the team edit below... Thanks to Cooper Brownlee, Rhys Yeomans, Jack Kelly, Lachy Swanton and Marnold for putting this together...


January 2013 >< Strictly BMX Total Custom 

Strictly BMX have a sweet custom bike built up around a Total BMX Voltron frame, check it out here. Or jump on their website at for more Total BMX goodness...

Happy New Year!!


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